Telehealth Paired with Health Education Improves Quality of Life for Home Health Patients

Two women, wearing masks and standing together outside in front of a large leafy tree

Celia and her nurse, Ellen Head.

For Celia, a MaineHealth Care at Home (MHCAH) patient in rural York County, home health visits paired with support by the telehealth team has been more than just clinically appropriate—this treatment plan has addressed concerns she has had since receiving her congestive heart failure diagnosis.

Many patients facing serious chronic disease worry about their ability to be independent and live safely and comfortably at home without being a burden. That’s why patient education, in addition to all of the clinical care associated with nursing and rehabilitative therapies, is a major component of our home health care services. We know that patients want to remain in their homes, and teaching them about their condition(s) and potential complications helps ensure that they are able to do so.

Celia’s congestive heart failure diagnosis impacted her overall outlook on how she could do all of the things she wanted to do. The condition left her weak, struggling with daily activities, and filled with fear of the unknown – a significant obstacle to successful chronic condition management at home.

Now, thanks to our clinical care and patient education services, Celia’s uncertainty has turned to confidence. She is supported by daily check-ins with a telehealth nurse who monitors her vital signs, answers questions, and reviews her medications.

“They have helped me learn that I don’t have to be afraid of my heart condition. Because, it is fearful if you know one thing about it. You can be stunned [initially], but when you know all about it, you can learn to live with it.”

− Celia

For Celia, and many others like her across our service area, navigating the health care infrastructure can be a challenge that impacts health and quality of life. With direct support and easy-to-use home health technology, our telehealth program continues to be an important offering for our organization, and the patients we serve.

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Integrating telehealth technology with expert clinical care greatly improves the health and independence of our patients. Our patients can manage their health and stay better connected to health service providers.

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